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2013 Reading Challenge
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Virgin And The Crab

Virgin and the Crab - Robert  Parry
I had heard nothing but good about this book so when I finally got around to reading it, it was quite disappointing because I found the characterization cardboard and shallow, and it included every Tudor cliche out there. And I kept waiting for the story to begin properly but it never really did, instead there was a series of scenes that loosely tied together but unfortunately didn't amount to a cohesive story or strong narrative.

The author really needed to do more extensive/better research to add some depth and the book needed a really good edit (which is a common problem with self published books) but it wasn't beyond repair and there was a glimmer of something that kept me reading, albeit not all that enthusiastically.

If you know nothing about Tudor and Elizabethan history, and don't mind cardboard characters and cliched situations, then this book could be for you, but as an experienced Tudor reader, it drove me nuts. It was one of those books that took me me forever to read because I could only stomach it in small installments, and when I was finally done, I was truly grateful!