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2013 Reading Challenge
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That Woman - Anne Sebba
Very readable bio of Wallis Simpson and the first written by a woman. Whilst sympathetic, it's pretty much a warts and all look at the woman, her life and the impossible situation she found herself in.

The one thing that did strike me while reading this was how much hasn't changed over the years. The public's' general attitude and response to the women royal men choose as consorts either out of love or duty has remained pretty much the same. Earl's daughters are good (especially if they produce a couple of cute kids) while the others are seen as vulgar & common ("no more royal than we are") or grasping & scheming or spend thrifts & lazy or adulterers who have some unnatural hold over the men. Or in some cases, all of the above! Saddest of all, it's still the women who are mainly vilified not the men who often create the impossible situations the women find themselves in.