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2013 Reading Challenge
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Miss Pym Disposes - Josephine Tey
This is not so much a murder mystery than a 'psychological' study of the inhabitants of a women's Phys. Ed. college in post war Britain by Miss Pym, a visiting author of a successful pop psychology book. Having said that, there is a crime committed but it comes very late in the book and the main concern seems to be not in the solving of the crime (although it is solved) but with the moral issues surrounding it.

Tey herself attended a PE college and taught it before becoming a writer so it is familiar territory for her which shows in the minutely detailed setting. The prose style and characterisations are excellent but the narrative moves at snails pace. This is definitely not a page turner, although there is a nice twist at the very end which did surprise me.

The writing itself probably deserves more than the three stars I've allotted it but I found the detail of the lives of these young women and teachers excessive to the point of being, at times, boring and the leisurely pace of the novel frustrating. As much as I'd like to, I really can't justify giving it more.

Buddy read with Kim :-).