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2013 Reading Challenge
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The Case of Madeleine Smith - Rick Geary
My interest in Madeleine Smith was first piqued years ago when I came across David Lean's 1950 movie 'Madeleine' on late night TV. I always meant to find out more about her and her life after the trial but as often happens my life got in the way and she remained mostly forgotten by me until recently. What renewed my interest in her story was that I found out Wilkie Collins' [b:The Law and the Lady|45207|The Law and the Lady|Wilkie Collins|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348450129s/45207.jpg|591267] was inspired by Madeleine's court case and the unsatisfactory and peculiarly Scottish verdict of Not Proven.

Anyway, in my mad rush to reacquaint myself with Madeleine and learn more about her, this was the first book that came to hand. Not my usual fare admittedly but enjoyable all the same. This is nonfiction despite being a graphic novel, and is the potted story of her life. Despite it's format and relative brevity, it contains more information than one would think and had quite a bit in it that was new to me. It was a fun read and did what it was supposed to well, although I do intend to now move onto meatier tomes.

Overall, a great place to start if you are unfamiliar with Madeleine and her story.