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2013 Reading Challenge
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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn
Really 4.5 stars.

Okay, I admit it, the hype got to me and when I saw this on sale my curiosity got the better of me. And I'm so glad it did.

This is a deliciously dark and twisted tale about a toxic relationship told alternately from the differing points of view of Amy and Nick, the husband and wife concerned. It starts off on their fifth wedding anniversary when Amy goes missing and twists and turns its way through the police investigation into Amy's disappearance and their back story as you sink deeper and deeper into the disturbing mire that is their mess of a marriage.

It's a well written page turner that at times is smart, subtle and unexpectedly funny. The author's observations about subjects as various as relationships, suburbia, the recession, feminism, rednecks, New York princesses and journalists were IMO often spot on. While none of the characters in the book were likable they were all at some point human, recognizable even if the very same traits that made them recognizable were also exaggerated for effect. For me this was much more than just a thriller. I loved it's subtle layers.

However, taken at face value it is a clever thriller and one hell of a crazy ride. Anna and I guessed some of the major twists and turns but not all, and some of the minor details where so 'out there' that you just don't see them coming. Towards the end I couldn't figure out how it could all be resolved but it was. And how! Brilliant ending that in my books was totally appropriate and couldn't have been bettered.

Be warned, some of the hype is misleading and I found this to be so much more than what I expected. I loved it and will definitely be reading more of this author.

Another fantastic buddy read with Anna. You know our wild speculation always adds so much more to the experience :-D.