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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Animal Farm - George Orwell

Short, easy to read allegorical tale based on the Russian Revolution and the following Stalinist regime but it could easily be a tale about any popular revolution turned totalitarian regime. The real surprise for me was Orwell's writing style which was clear and crisp without any unnecessary words.

I should really give this five stars but haven't because it's not really my kind of book. It's definitely one worth reading though even if it's only to experience Orwell's wonderful prose.

Big thanks to my good friend Kim who was at the ready to hold my hand should I have needed it. After a bad experience with this book as a set text in high school, I wasn't all that confident going in. Thankfully, my older self could appreciate what makes this book an enduring classic even if my 13 year old self couldn't.